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My Bucket List – 2015 Version

**Updated: Feb 2016** Over the years my bucket list has changed as I’ve crossed some things off, added others and just no longer wanted to do some things as much. I’m sure that’s the same with anyone who keeps a bucket list… as known as my dreams, goals and hopes. Now I’m a list maker…… Continue reading My Bucket List – 2015 Version

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Bucket List – World Junior Championships

**I wrote this post in January but forgot to post it… oh well, better late than never!** I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while… since the Christmas holidays in fact but life got in the way. However belated, I want to tell – and show you – about my fabulous experience… Continue reading Bucket List – World Junior Championships

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Ramblings about Race, Culture and Dating

I spent more time in 2014 thinking about, talking about, and writing about race and dating – both separately and as a joint issue – than I probably ever did before. Now there were various reasons for it but the three that influenced me the most were: I was reading more about race issues, especially… Continue reading Ramblings about Race, Culture and Dating

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Belated 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I write New Year’s resolutions, which I use for the goals or areas I want to work on for that year. Now normally I write them on January 1st (and for the past few years, I’ve also published them online as well as incentive to fulfill them). However, this year (well, last year… Continue reading Belated 2015 New Year’s Resolutions


Breakups, Questions and Feeling Numb

There is nothing worse than having to write an article about breaking up less than a month after writing about being happy with my new relationship. Except that is, having the new relationship end. Life isn’t fair and often throws you curve balls – cliche but true. I was happy. I really was. I was… Continue reading Breakups, Questions and Feeling Numb