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24 Days of Tea – Happiness in a Cup

I love tea. I really, really do. It’s also something that I drink a lot, which makes sense being as I love it. I also enjoy trying new things – whether food or experiences – so it wasn’t a large stretch for me to gift myself with David’s Tea advent calendar – 24 Days of… Continue reading 24 Days of Tea – Happiness in a Cup

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2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! And with the start of 2016, or any new year, comes my yearly listing of this year’s goals or “New Year’s Resolutions”. I started calling them goals rather than resolutions years ago because I found that it helped me focus on them a little more. Of course, I don’t achieve all… Continue reading 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

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Bucket List – World Junior Championships

**I wrote this post in January but forgot to post it… oh well, better late than never!** I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while… since the Christmas holidays in fact but life got in the way. However belated, I want to tell – and show you – about my fabulous experience… Continue reading Bucket List – World Junior Championships

Random Observations · Toronto

Ramblings about Race, Culture and Dating

I spent more time in 2014 thinking about, talking about, and writing about race and dating – both separately and as a joint issue – than I probably ever did before. Now there were various reasons for it but the three that influenced me the most were: I was reading more about race issues, especially… Continue reading Ramblings about Race, Culture and Dating

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Writing about the new boyfriend

So I wasn’t going to write about the fact that I’m now in a relationship, or about the guy I’m dating. I really wasn’t. But one of the problems with being a writer is sometimes a random comment or conversation will take root in your brain and grow like a weed until it clogs out… Continue reading Writing about the new boyfriend