Breakups, Questions and Feeling Numb

There is nothing worse than having to write an article about breaking up less than a month after writing about being happy with my new relationship. Except that is, having the new relationship end. Life isn’t fair and often throws you curve balls – cliche but true. I was happy. I really was. I was… Continue reading Breakups, Questions and Feeling Numb

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Writing about the new boyfriend

So I wasn’t going to write about the fact that I’m now in a relationship, or about the guy I’m dating. I really wasn’t. But one of the problems with being a writer is sometimes a random comment or conversation will take root in your brain and grow like a weed until it clogs out… Continue reading Writing about the new boyfriend

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Fear, letting go and moving on

It’s funny. Well, not really funny but it is ironic that less than a day after reading a friend’s Facebook post about how women take 2 weeks to fall in love and guys take like 8 seconds (and thinking, “damn, I must be a guy”) that I decide to write about why I think falling… Continue reading Fear, letting go and moving on


Ex-boyfriends and Awkward Situations

Generally in the past I’ve become friends with most of my ex-boyfriends. Now, in some cases this was easy to do because we were friends to start with and really shouldn’t have dated (some people are just meant to be friends). In other cases it took work and time to become friends. But I’ve always believed… Continue reading Ex-boyfriends and Awkward Situations

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My bad luck with online dating

I’m single and like many single people, I’ve tried online dating. Now when I broke up with my last boyfriend last April (wow, it’s been a year), after my normal period of reflection about why the relationship didn’t work (communication problems), I leapt into the world of online dating. Okay, I dipped my toes in… Continue reading My bad luck with online dating

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Musings on looking white

Recently I was asked to join a group because they wanted a more mainstream “white” or Canadian opinion or voice in the group. Now,normally I wouldn’t think anything of the comment as it wasn’t meant in a negative or racist way but simply because they wanted a more well-rounded, representative group. But it came at… Continue reading Musings on looking white