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10 Local Beers for Patio Season

I’m unapologetically Canadian which means I love hockey, beer and patios. Okay, I’m really over-simplifying and by no means do all Canadians love those three things but the stereotype is certainly true when it comes to me… I really do love them all three. And if I could, I’d put them all together but since… Continue reading 10 Local Beers for Patio Season

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The Single Life and the Search for Love

I’m single and in my thirties. And as such, I get asked by well-meaning acquaintances, friends and family why I’m not panicking. Now, I’m lucky. My parents have never put any pressure on me to get married and have kids even though I know they would both love to be grandparents. But others often seem… Continue reading The Single Life and the Search for Love

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New Year, New Roommate

January – and to a lesser extent, February – has been a month of change for me, both personally and professionally. On the professional side, I’ve finally moved forward with my dream of turning Life’s an Adventure 2 (which I’ve spent the past two years growing and slowly professionalizing) from a blog into an online… Continue reading New Year, New Roommate