Hey there, want to know more about who’s writing?  Well, my name is Cindy and I’m a professional fundraiser, an aspiring writer, an online magazine editor, a former ESL teacher, a gardener, a cook and a girl who loves lists.  I get bored with only wearing one hat so I’m trying to build two new careers (fundraising and writing) at once while keeping my old one (teaching) alive with tutoring gigs.  What does this mean?  It means I have a lot of interests to write about!

I created this blog to express my non-Korean thoughts.  “Your non-Korean thoughts?” you ask?  Well, I run an online magazine, ATK Magazine, which is about “All Things Korean” and is based in Toronto. (It used to be a blog but has grown into more… and we have plans for even more from it.) You see, I’m a huge fan of almost everything Korean – the food, music (I love Big Bang and No Brain among others), movies, dramas (Coffee Prince is my favourite), culture and of course, the people. But I do have interests and thoughts that aren’t Korean related (really!) and I needed an outlet for them… so Toronto Thoughts was born. 

What can you expect on Toronto Thoughts?  Lots of talk about food. I love to cook and do so often for friends (and my boyfriend when I have one). I really love to take a recipe and play with it until it’s something different and yummy. Oh, and I love making random things from scratch like homemade salsa, tomato sauce or rhubarb simple syrup.

Dating will pop up – without any names of course – because I’ve decided it’s time to re-enter the dating scene and find a boyfriend. And not just because I said it on national television. I’m ready 🙂 And then I found one… but it didn’t work so I’m looking again.

Reviews will play a role from time to time because I like to give my opinion on books, movies, restaurants, customer service, etc.  Fundraising and philanthropy might pop up a bit as well.  Oh, there will definitely be some random observations – posts which are generally a collection of thoughts that don’t each require a post.

Basically, Toronto Thoughts is where I will put all my more personal thoughts and experiences what might occasionally touch on Korean culture but have no place on ATK Magazine. Because I love writing!

Cindy in a nutshell:

Likes:  The colour purple, K-pop, Korean culture, dwenjangjjigae, galbi, roast turkey, chocolate milk, running, cooking, fantasy books (especially about vampires), the Leafs (even when they are losing), the Jays, my family and friends (okay, they should be higher), a cold beer on a hot summer day (preferably on the patio), a nice glass of wine or scotch (Dalwhinnie is my fav) in the winter, shopping (I wish Canada had 24 hour malls – man, do I miss the shopping in Seoul), dancing/clubbing, museums and art galleries, Christmas and Halloween, live sports, camping, eating out, nail polish and cute, flirty clothes.

Dislikes: willful ignorance, cockroaches (I saw enough to last a lifetime in Korea), racism, condescension (dude, I’m not stupid, I’m a girl), the colour yellow, losing touch with friends, and not having a full social calendar.

  • Western Zodiac: Virgo
  • Occupation: Fundraiser
  • Dream occupation: Writer/Cultural Writer
  • Location: Toronto

Oh, and here’s a couple of pictures of me (with short hair, it’s long now).

In Hollywood with my hand in Johnny Depp’s hand print
June, myself and the most delicious shrimp ever!
And a recent pic of me on ATK Magazine's first business trip.
And a recent pic of me on ATK Magazine’s first business trip.

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