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24 Days of Tea – Happiness in a Cup

24 Days of Tea – happiness in a box

I love tea. I really, really do. It’s also something that I drink a lot, which makes sense being as I love it. I also enjoy trying new things – whether food or experiences – so it wasn’t a large stretch for me to gift myself with David’s Tea advent calendar – 24 Days of Tea. I’m sure that I’ve tried many of them and probably own a few of the teas but there’s something neat about drinking a mystery tea each afternoon.

Plus it has the added bonus of helping keep my calories under control leading up to the holidays as tea is generally a no or low calorie drink.

And since I love tea and am having fun exploring the teas so far – and it’s only Day 4 – I thought that I would write about the process, updating the post each day with my thoughts on the various teas. I’ll describe each tea, link to its page on the David’s Tea website in case you’re interested in it, and of course, tell you my opinion of each. And just for the record, this isn’t a sponsored post – I bought the tea – I’m writing about it because it’s fun and I love tea.

24-days-of-tea-day-1Day 1 – Snow Day

Snow Day is a minty chocolaty tea with a hint of sweetness that’s best served hot.

While I don’t generally like mint teas, the addition of the cacao nibs and dark chocolate drops made this the next best thing to hot chocolate. It’s the perfect end-of-the-day tea to relax to with a good book.

24-days-of-tea-day-2Day 2 – Jumpy Monkey

Jumpy Monkey, in addition to having a cool name, is a yerba mate with strong hints of coffee and chocolate. It’s recommended served as a latte but I like it straight.

This tea is complex and flavourful without anything added. While I don’t usually like coffee and tea together (ever tried making tea in a hotel coffee maker?), this blend with yerba mate is delicious. However, it does have a strong coffee flavour so be careful to wash your tea pot after you’re finished.

24-days-of-tea-day-3Day 3 – Genmaicha

Genmaicha is a Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice and it’s recommended served hot.

I lightly sweetened it with maple sugar and found it was delightful both hot and cold but then I really like grain-flavoured teas cold. It has a mild but pervasive flavour of toasted rice.

24-days-of-tea-day-4Day 4 – Organic Serenity Now

Organic Serenity Now is a caffeine-free, floral and fruit herbal infusion that’s calming and good served hot or iced.

Unfortunately, I can’t really give an opinion of it as the first sip told me there was rose in it and I’m allergic to rose. Not in a horrible way but in an it irritates my throat so I stopped drinking after the first sip.

24-days-of-tea-day-5Day 5 – Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake is a fruit flavoured black tea that can be served hot or cold.

It’s like drinking a guilt-free dessert. It’s sweet, and so full of flavour you’d swear you were eating a coffee cake. Bonus it smells divine and tastes equally good hot or cold. I did, however, lightly sweeten in with maple sugar.

24-days-of-tea-day-6Day 6 – Apple Cider

Apple Cider is a caffeine-free fruit tea. It’s best served hot.

If you like apple cider, you’ll love the Apple Cider tea because it tastes so much like it, you’ll want another cup. So yummy. It’s like the perfect guilt-free winter drink.

24-days-of-tea-day-7Day 7 – Nutty & Spice

Nutty & Spice is a low caffeine oolong and is best served hot.

As an oolong lover who also likes spice cake, this was one of the teas I’ve always wanted to try… until I read the ingredients and realized it’s another with rose. So I packed it up for my mother to enjoy. Unfortunately this means I can’t give you an opinion of it.

24-days-of-tea-day-8Day 8 – Organic Ginger Pear

Organic Ginger Pear is a low caffeine white tea.

There was definitely a ginger kick to it but otherwise, it was kind of bland. But that could just be because I’m used to making a fresh hot ginger and cinnamon drink.

24-days-of-tea-day-9Day 9 – Forever Nuts

Forever Nuts is a caffeine-free fruit (and nut) infusion that’s best served hot.

Oh so delicious, it’s no surprise that this tea is a best seller as it’s divine. Definitely one I will be buying more of. I could drink a whole pot of it – there’s just so much flavour to it. It was nutty, sweet and more complex than I expected.

24-days-of-tea-day-10Day 10 – Green Passionfruit

Green Passionfruit is a low caffeine green tea that works equally well hot or cold.

A lightly flavoured green tea that’s quite refreshing and good hot or cold, although I would probably add a little honey if I drank it again.

24-days-of-tea-day-11Day 11 – Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate is a medium caffeine pu’erh tea that’s best served hot, like its name.

I want to try this again but with steamed milk and/or marshmallows as it was good, almost sinfully.

24-days-of-tea-day-12Day 12 – Bear Trap

Bear Trap is a caffeine-free berry (fruit) tea, that is equally good hot or cold.

It’s a winner, although I think I liked it a little better cold. It’s mildly sweet all on it’s own and full of flavour from the berries and rose hips.

24-days-of-tea-day-13Day 13 – Crème Caramel Rooibos

Crème Caramel Rooibos is a caffeine-free dessert rooibos that you can serve hot or as a latte.

I didn’t try it as a latte but it’s a delightful after dinner tea. And as it’s calorie and caffeine free, it’s also a great guilt-free dessert/evening drink. I didn’t like it cold though so make sure to drink it while it’s hot.

24-days-of-tea-day-14Day 14 – Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast is a robust medium caffeine black tea (mix of Assam & Ceylon).

I’ve had this one before and love it. There’s nothing I love more first thing in the morning than a strong cup of black tea so I cheated a little and saved it until the morning of the 15th to drink it. And it is a lovely breakfast tea that pairs well with milk (my morning way of drinking tea) or all on its own.

24-days-of-tea-day-15Day 15 – Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie is a low caffeine oolong that’s best enjoyed hot.

Wow, I like this tea and I wasn’t expecting that as I don’t like coconut cream pie. It’s smooth, sweet and delicious. I’ve always been a fan of oolong but wasn’t sure if I’d like one with coconut but it’s nice. Better hot though, I didn’t like it nearly as much cold.

24-days-of-tea-day-16Day 16 – Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait is a caffeine-free fruit tea that

This is one I’ve had before and love but then, I love pretty much anything with strawberry and rhubarb. It’s like spring in a cup – full of flavour and happiness. Best part? It’s equally good hot or cold so you can drink it all year round and since it’s caffeine-free, it’s always a good choice. Seriously, try it! Love, love, love this tea.

24-days-of-tea-day-17Day 17 – Chocolate Covered Almond

Chocolate Covered Almond is a low caffeine flavoured black tea.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t impressed with it even though I thought I would. It was kind of bland.

24-days-of-tea-day-18Day 18 – Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride is a caffeine-free fruit infusion that’s best served hot.

It’s like happiness in a cup. The flavours of apple and hibiscus blossoms dominate in this holiday tea that’s great for warming up after a day making snow angels and building snowmen. I’ll definitely buy more of this one.

24-days-of-tea-day-19Day 19 – Organic Sweet Almond Green

Organic Sweet Almond Green is a low-caffeine green tea.

This mildly sweet, subtle green tea is a delight to drink and it smells yummy too. Just be careful not to burn it as the mild flavour can be easily overpowered. It’s a great tea for any green tea lover. It’s best served hot.

24-days-of-tea-day-20Day 20 – Cardamom French Toast

Cardamom French Toast is a low caffeine spiced black tea that’s best served hot.

This slightly sweet and slightly spiced black tea tastes great hot and would be a nice afternoon tea as it would give you a mild boost that’s full of delicious flavour. I’m not sure if it tastes like French toast but it’s a nice tea.

24-days-of-tea-day-21Day 21 – Spiced Apple

Spiced Apple is a non-caffeine, fruit infusion that’s best served hot.

This spiced apple tea is a delight to sip on a snowy afternoon or evening. Full of flavour and comfort, it’s perfect for that afternoon in front of the fire with a cozy blanket and a good book.

24-days-of-tea-day-22Day 22 – English Toffee

English Toffee is a medium caffeine pu’erh that’s best served hot or as a latte.

I was surprisingly underwhelmed by this tea. But I wanted to like it, I really did. Perhaps I’ll give it another chance someday but with more tea as I found it a little bland.

24-days-of-tea-day-23Day 23 – Organic Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiri Chai is a low caffeine green tea chai.

Perhaps because I’m used to more robust chai – a tea I drink often in the winter as a latte – I found this one to be super delicate. Still, it was nice and if you drink more green tea than black tea, this is the chai for you.

24-days-of-tea-day-24Day 24 – Santa’s Secret

Santa’s Secret is a medium caffeine festive black tea that’s best served hot or as a latte.

Love, love, love this black tea. I buy it every year for my Christmas – New Year mornings. It’s great as a latte and if you want an extra festive kick, stir it with a candy cane.

Final Thoughts

This was such a fun advent calendar – I loved trying a new tea everyday for 24 days. Sure, some were teas I had already tried, some I already owned (I own a lot of tea) but many were new to me which just added to the fun. It was a little hard to find the time to mindfully drink the tea some days (I drink tea everyday anyways but I don’t always think about the tea, take photos of it and then write about it) but I think it was worthwhile. And if you’re also trying the 24 Days of Tea advent calendar from David’s Tea, I’d love to hear what your thoughts on the teas are?




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