Book Review

Book Review: Fire Girl: A Tale of Witches and Wolves

Title: Fire Girl: A Tale of Witches and Wolves

Author: Andy Mulberry
Genre/Age: Fantasy/Romance, Teen/YA
Publication date: April 28, 2016
How did I get the book: Review copy from Blueglass Press via NetGalley.

16 year old Samantha is looking forward to starting her internship in the university lab, not finding out that she’s really a witch. And to find out via a letter from a lawyer who requests her presence at the reading of a will, it’s just surreal. Enter Daniel, a werewolf who made an oath to her mother to protect Sam in exchange for a favour. Neither of them are happy but what can they do as Dan’s oath binds them together. And that’s just the start of their story.

My Thoughts

I have to say, I got sucked into the story quickly and before I knew it, I was halfway through the book. No joke. It’s an easy read and other than a couple of issues, I liked it. Sam is easy-to-connect with and the story grabs you so before you know it, you’ll have the book finished and will be wondering if there’s sequel.

In fact, there are a few minor story lines – like Eve’s or Victor’s, along with a few others – that leave you wondering afterwards if the author has some spin-offs planned or if Fire Girl is just the first in a series. I’d certainly be interested in learning more about them.

One of my favourite parts of the book was the dialogue, especially between Sam and Dan, as it is quick-paced, realistic and fun. So much snipping, bickering and sarcasm… it all kept the flow of the book quick and witty.

A couple of things bothered me though. First, other than the fact that both Sam and Dan’s ages are mentioned, it didn’t seem like a YA book. Both characters could have been in their early-20’s and it would have worked just as well. Actually, better because there’s the whole Dan as an ex-party boy story line that includes drinking in bars. If he was 22 or 23, sure but at 17… there aren’t a lot of bars that will let you in. I just wasn’t buying it. Sam also didn’t come across as 16, in fact, she seemed like the older sister.

My other issue was with Michael. His change in behaviour was too extreme and too quick – he’d been a non-threatening friend to Sam that she regularly saw for months and then all of a sudden, he’s aloof and a jackass. It didn’t make sense. Plus, again Sam’s age seemed like she should have been older because why would Michael have been interested in her.

Regardless of those two issues, it was a fun read. Although I can’t say that I really believed they were teens so I just didn’t think of them that way. Still a good story filled with romance, a bit of danger, betrayal and a couple of plot twists that will probably surprise you.

Should you read it?

Yes, if you like lighter, romantic fantasy books. For the most part, it didn’t feel like a YA book – just an engaging, fun read.

Rating: 7/10