Book Review

Book Review: Descended From Dragons

Title: Descended From Dragons

Author: Tricia Owens
Genre/Age: Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy
Publication date: May 16, 2016
How did I get the book: Review copy from Romance Beckons via NetGalley

Anne Moody has an inner dragon, literally. She also runs a cursed pawn shop that she inherited when her uncle disappeared and one day, a rather hot guy pawns a stone statue that’s really a possessed gargoyle, things start to get interesting in Las Vegas. Did I mention that there are shifters, demons and warlocks? And magic police called the Oddsmakers… yeah, there’s lots to keep a girl interested.

My Thoughts

I’m a big fan of character-driven books, especially those with a likeable main character. Descended from Dragons had that in Anne. She’s fun, interesting, and someone that’s easy to connect with. Despite living in a cursed pawn shop – those cameos are mean – she’s pretty chipper and full of humour. I wasn’t more than a chapter into the book before I was in her corner and that’s a great place to read a book from.

Speaking of reading, I read a lot and I read a ton of fantasy. So it’s always fun to see something different in a fantasy book, something fresh to keep me engaged with the story. The mix of characters – a gargoyle, monkey shifter, succubus stripper – was fun. There’s lots of vampire books, werewolf books and books about witches – or a combination of all three – but a cursed magic user whose magic comes from her inner dragon and who is so powerful that she’s feared and constantly having to downplay her power, that’s intriguing. Plus I never really thought about a gargoyle as a love interest.

Having said that, Vale’s (the gargoyle) manner and speech while he’s in human form is pretty much exactly how I expected a gargoyle to act.

Add in a demonic possession, a mysterious organization aptly named, for Las Vegas anyways, the Oddsmakers, that polices magic users and other non-normals and you’ve got a fun plot. Okay, I want to know more about the Oddsmakers but I suppose that’s what book two is for. Actually there are a ton of unanswered questions like what happened to her uncle and why is the shop and pretty much everything around Anne cursed? And yeah, I’m planning on reading the second book in the series as I liked the characters enough to want to know what happens next in their version of Sin City.

There were a few issues with it. I found it a bit slow and overly descriptive at times but for the most part the witty dialogue and characters save it and keep the pace moving. My main issue though was that it was pretty short. I would have liked it to explore or flesh out a few of the secondary characters or possible subplots a bit more before coming to a conclusion but at least, with all the questions, it’s obvious that it’s just the first in a series.

Should you read it?

Sure. It’s a good summer read with a couple of twists and interesting characters. I kind of wished it was longer but I guess a second book would be almost as good.

Rating: 7/10