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My Bucket List – 2015 Version

**Updated: Feb 2016**

Over the years my bucket list has changed as I’ve crossed some things off, added others and just no longer wanted to do some things as much. I’m sure that’s the same with anyone who keeps a bucket list… as known as my dreams, goals and hopes. Now I’m a list maker… I love lists! So over the years, not only has my bucket list changed but it also split in two – one for my personal dreams and one for my professional ones – and then recombined back into one as I realized the line between my personal and professional life was blurring.

So without further ado, here’s the top 10 things on my bucket list.

Cindy’s Bucket List

1. Watch a hockey game in each of the 7 major hockey playing countries – Canada, the US, Russia, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I’ve watched dozens of games in Canada of course, and a couple in the US, but I’ve yet to see a game in Europe. This one has been on my bucket list for years and someday I’ll cross it off.

2. Watch the World Juniors live. And by that, I mean the World Junior Hockey Championship that’s held each year from December 26 – January 5. Crossed off my list in 2015!

2. Travel to Korea and cover the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. I love sports and I write about Korean stuff so this is a match made in heaven. Ideally, I’d like to cover it as media and at least have my expenses covered for the trip.

3. Take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Moscow (both in Russia). I came really, really close to doing this trip – I already finished my research – before I was laid off in Korea. Still on my bucket list.

4. Cover BigBang as press. When I first started writing about Korean stuff, I decided – completely arbitrarily – that covering BigBang as press would be a sure sign that I’d made it as a Korean music writer. Crossed off my list after I wrote it, later in 2015.

5. Interview and/or cover my ten favourite Korean artists/bands/musicians – BigBang, No Brain, MC Sniper, Dynamic Duo, Crying Nut, Epik High, Drunken Tiger, Clazziquai, Nell and Rain. I have a lot of favourites (and the list has changed a bit since I first added this to my bucket list) but when I first started writing about Korean music, those were the ten that I most wanted to interview. Currently I’ve interviewed No Brain and Crying Nut (and MFBTY which is almost like interviewing Drunken Tiger) and covered BigBang, No Brain, Crying Nut, Epik High and Nell.

6. Publish a novel. I’ve always written stuff – both fiction and non-fiction – and read voraciously so writing and publishing a novel has been on the list for ages. I have a novel about 1/3 finished but then ATK Magazine started taking off and I had less time to write. I need to get back to it.

7. Share my love of cooking and food. When I first added this to my bucket list, I was told it was an odd thing but I love cooking and I’m constantly told that my food is good (thanks!) and, just as importantly, that I make it seem easy to cook. So I wanted to share my love of cooking AND share how easy it is to make many dishes. Crossed off my list partially in 2014 when I started a Korean cooking show on YouTube, although I’d like to expand it.

7. Take a gap year. When I was in university I planned to go on a European tour with my uni friends but they all dropped out for one reason or another. Deciding this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel my way, I re-gigged my plans, got a job in Scotland as a nanny and left (I travelled before and after my 6 month gig in Scotland). I had a blast travelling around England, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and of course, Scotland. Crossed off after graduating university.

7. Cover TIFF. I’m a huge film lover and when I started writing about Korean films, I decided that the pinnacle of covering films in Toronto was covering TIFF as media. This is a work-in-progress but I’m almost there as I sort of covered TIFF last year (I was given vouchers for my coverage but not a full media pass).

8. Hike the Rockies and visit the Grand Canyon. When I first wrote these goals they were separate but since I did them both when I went to university in Colorado (I did a year exchange there), I combined them. I have a super cool photo of the sky from when I was standing on the continental divide and the Grand Canyon was breathtaking. Crossed off in university.

8. Visit the Czech Republic. I’m not sure why but the Czech Republic has always fascinated me and I’d love to travel to it.

9. Take a road trip across Canada, hitting all 10 provinces and 3 territories. I would also consider a train trip but ideally, I’d like the freedom of being in a car for the trip.

10. Run a marathon. I enjoy running, it’s such a great way to clear my mind and relieve stress, so I thought running a marathon would be fun. While this is another thing I’ve crossed off my list – I walked one in 2005 and then ran one in 2010 – it wasn’t really fun but rather super challenging and gave me an incredible sense of accomplishment afterwards. Crossed off in 2010.

10. Visit Stonehenge and other historic sites in the UK and Ireland. While I’m not as fey as I used to be – I used to read tarot cards and wear protection stones – visiting Stonehenge was always on my “must do” list. In fact, it was one of the five things I HAD to do when I took my gap year. There were a few other places in the UK and Ireland I had to visit – Newgrange, Avebury, Loch Ness, the Blarney Stone, the Isle of Skyle and the Giant’s Causeway. And I’m happy to say I crossed all the top ones off during my gap year.

10. Visit Italy. There is just so much I would like to do in Italy like eat, travel and see all the landmarks. Oddly, even though I’ve been to Europe a few times and even lived in Germany and Scotland, I’ve yet to visit Italy.

Final Thoughts

Yeah, there were a few things that are no longer on my list and that I didn’t accomplish but they are no longer goals or dreams for different reasons. For example, I really wanted to get my motorcycle licence when I was in my late teens/early twenties and there was a time I thought about being a sports writer but neither are dreams anymore. Goals and dreams change, new ones come and some old ones are no longer important, but the list above – even the ones I’ve checked off – are still vastly important to me… and so, are on my bucket list. 

So now you know what’s on my bucket list… or at least the top ten. What’s on your bucket list?


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