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My Personal 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

While this post is a little late, I decided while I was writing my original 2013 New Year resolutions that it was time to separate them into professional (for my other blog which is soon to be an online magazine) and personal (for me). Yeah, I’m one of those people who always writes New Year’s resolutions and publishes them so people can see. Why? Simple really, I use them as goals for the year and by publishing them (or in the past, before I started blogging in 2005 by telling people) I make them more real, more concrete. Just the act of writing them down and telling someone makes me much more apt to follow through… and that’s the whole point of New Year’s resolutions, right?

Cindy’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

1. To delegate better and ask for help when necessary. I love being busy and sometimes take too much on. It’s not that I can’t say no, I’m actually pretty good at it, but rather I like being in charge. Unfortunately, all the wonderful things I’m involved in are cutting into my writing time so I need to be better at delegating tasks. I don’t need to do everything myself, I have some great people helping me with Say Kimchi and some new writers on my soon-to-be launched online magazine so I need to give them a chance to shine. In addition, I need to realize that I don’t need to learn how to do everything. Some things I can either hire someone to do or ask for help. This is definitely a top priority personally and professionally.

2. To write here more regularly. Now that I’ve got some new writers for Life’s an Adventure 2, I will have some more time to write here. When I launched this blog, it was meant to be a spot for my non-Korean musings and I’d hoped to post once a week. That didn’t happen, my posting was very sporadic, but I’d like to renew that goal to write once a week here.

3. To continue learning Korean. I’ve been studying Korean off & on but never officially since I lived in Korea. I found some things that worked well and some that didn’t in 2012 so my goal in 2013 is more specific – to complete at least level 2 of the Sogang University textbooks and to learn 500 new words. This year’s goal is very specific because I want to be able to measure my success. Ultimately, I want to finish level 5 by 2015.

4. To clean out and revamp my closet. This may sound like an easy goal but for me… not so much. I’m a clothes horse and I have a huge problem throwing out or donating clothes that I don’t wear or that are worn out. I’m actually trying to decide if I should hire someone to help… really, it’s that’s bad. But I think I will try asking a friend to help first – I have a few that will be brutally honest with me and I need that. Clothes, makeup and nail polish are my kryptonite.

5. To get off my lazy ass and exercise regularly. Yeah, everyone makes this resolution or goal but I normally exercise regularly. I’ve run a couple of marathons and played sports all my life. I just got lazy in 2012 or at least lazy for me. I still walked everywhere, including regularly walking home – a 6km walk (I love walking) – but I didn’t run or do weights regularly. I missed it. So my last goal is to regularly schedule runs (3x/week) and weights (2x/week) back into my life. I’ve started the weights but hate running in the winter (some people suck at shovelling sidewalks) so will start March 1st (February if the snow goes away).

So those are the areas of my life that I plan on focusing on in 2013. I wonder which ones will work out best this year – I usually have a 60-80% success rate. The first will be the hardest to do and to measure but will probably have the most impact on my life. Thankfully, the other four are much easier to quantify. I’m really looking forward to 2013 and all the changes, challenges and fun that it will hopefully bring. What about you? Did you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you usually? Do they work for you?


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