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Toronto Thoughts Update

Wow! Have I ever been bad at posting here in the past couple of months. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to say but rather too much. Things have been heating up on Life’s an Adventure 2 – which is super fabulous – and I’ve been busy writing my first novel (it still amazes me to say that). But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about this blog.

While not a new post, I’d like to direct you to check out my updated review of Rosh Salon. It took me a while to figure out how I was comfortable writing the piece – not the original article but the information in the update. I wasn’t sure if it should be a separate post or an update to the original one but finally decided an update would serve any readers better. And since I write reviews – and pretty much all articles – for whoever may be reading, I simply updated the original post.

Fall also means I’ve been busy cooking, canning and generally getting my garden and kitchen ready for winter. My wonderful parents bought me the best present ever – an apartment-sized freezer (yep, I’m a food geek) – which means more great things for my kitchen. And also led me to think more about food blogging and the one post I wrote last June – Live like a city girl, cook like a country girl.

Thinking about food blogging made me think more about writing in general and what I wanted to see on Toronto Thoughts. What direction(s) or topic(s) do I want to focus on here? What do I want from this blog and what might readers want? Having a solid direction for Life’s an Adventure 2 worked so well that I thought I’d do the same here. But rather than just one topic… I’m going to focus on three areas.

Food – A Country Kitchen in the City

I’m a city girl at heart. I love the city and I feel super comfortable in one. I love how busy life in the city is and can’t imagine living anywhere else. But I grew up in the country… in fact, my hometown – or at least, the town (and I’m using that word loosely) that lived from age 11-18 and where my parents still live – has a population of about 2000 people. No joke! I’m from a very small town or rather, village. But in most ways, I’ve felt more at home… more myself… in Seoul and Toronto. Except, that is, when it comes to food. Food, I approach like a country girl. I bake, can, freeze, preserve and generally cook most things the old-fashioned way… from scratch. So that’s one area I’m going to write more about. Why? Other than the fact that I love cooking? Friends are always asking for recipes and how-tos so if they are interested… you might be too. 

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Dating

Okay, I’ve posted about dating before but I’m going to write more on this subject. Why? Two reasons, both of which are a little selfish but mainly in the hopes that writing about it will make me a little less shy. You see, I can write about anything and feel comfortable but I can’t walk up to a guy I find attractive and start a conversation. If I know the guy, sure, I can chat with him without a problem. But I can’t let him know I’m interested. The second reason is that to write about it… I need to date. So it will make me get out there, to try new things and hopefully meet that fantastic guy of my dreams. Plus people seem to like reading dating articles and I love when people read what I write! But don’t worry, I’d never use names or be mean. That’s just not me.

Toronto Reviews

This is the main reason I started Toronto Thoughts was to have a place to write reviews of restuarants, stores, spas, salons, products, books, etc. that don’t fit into Life’s an Adventure 2. And I want to write more of them so this will be my final area of interest. I like writing them and they are among my most popular posts – here & elsewhere.


Do you want to see something on Toronto Thoughts? Just leave a comment below and let me know. I love hearing from you!


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