Random Observations

101 Random Facts about Me

I would like to say thanks to Chocolates & Raspberries for inspiring this post. If you know me, some of these facts won’t be new to you but then again… maybe some will.

1. I love purple and wear it a lot (let’s start with an easy one).

2. I hate eating onions but cook with them.

3. I constantly listen to music – all kinds but mainly K-pop, Korean & Western hip hop, Korean & Western alternative/indie and Western 80s.

4. A 10 year old girl taught me how to walk in heels when I was 26.

5. I saved my parent’s old couch cushions and used them as goalie pads when I was a kid (for pond hockey). No one who played was over 12 so it worked fine.

6. I absolutely hate air-conditioning! I’m always too cold.

7. I grew up in a very small town.

8. I’m a city-girl at heart – I loved Seoul and now love Toronto.

9. I have a green thumb and can grow great tomatoes and peppers but can’t seem to grow peas.

10. I hold my pen/pencil wrong but chopsticks correctly.

11. I used to have a huge problem with people invading my personal space until I lived in Korea.

12. I adore nail polish and own enough to start my own salon.

13. I love having a crush on a guy.

14. I’ve had knee surgery because of a high school sports injury.

15. Yellow makes me feel annoyed/angry so I never wear it.

16. I love shopping, even window shopping.

17. When I lived in Scotland, I fell in love with Dalwhinnie scotch.

18. I always have Band-Aids on me, always!

19. I’ve stood on the North American continental divide (while hiking in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado).

20. I don’t drink and dance (usually) because it throws off my rhythm.

21. I love my mom’s apple pie.

22. My favourite pie is lemon meringue (it’s even better than apple pie) but I never eat the meringue.

23. I hate talking on the phone, even as a teenager I didn’t do it much. I love talking in person though.

24. I’ve had some crazy nicknames over the years including: Tigger and Yukozuna (and no, I wasn’t fat).

25. I did a semester-long exchange to Germany in high school.

26. I did a year-long exchange to Colorado, US in university.

27. I still wish upon a star.

28. I walk everywhere, and in almost all weather.

29. I can be shy at times, except when I’m on the dance floor. Then I don’t give a damn.

30. I’d rather wear flats than heels most of the time, except when I lived in Korea when it was the opposite.

31. I love, love, love massages.

32. I drink tea, a lot, and all kinds of it. Except Earl Grey… I hate it.

33. I hate needles.

34. I hate going to the dentist more.

35. I’m very independent.

36. I did a 7-day fast in Thailand and felt fantastic for a year (well, after the third day… those first three days were hard).

37. When I was little I wanted to grow up and be a NHL goalie or a go-go dancer. Turns out I’m not a guy and the 70s are long over!

38. I talk quietly when I first meet someone, don’t know why.

39. I make lists… all the time… for everything, including the guys I thought were the cutest in high school (while I was in high school of course).

40. I believe that we all make our own luck and got a small shamrock tattoo when I was 20 so I would always have luck with me.

41. I took a bartending course just to learn how to properly pour a pint of Guinness.

42. When I taught in Korea, I drank a lot of instant coffee (or cans of coffee) even I don’t normally drink coffee.

43. I made lipstick for my final chemistry project in high school.

44. I spend a lot of time explaining sports to other girls. Apparently I have more patience when doing it than their boyfriends.

45. I need someone to purge my closet… I have a hard time giving away or throwing out clothes.

46. I could live in flip flops (Tevas especially)

47. I don’t know how I lived without a smartphone now that I have one.

48. I work better with deadlines, otherwise I tend to procrastinate.

49. One of my favourite things in the world is hanging out on a pub patio with friends, good conversation and a pint of beer.

50. I walked one marathon (in Dublin) and ran another (in Toronto) for charity.

51. I never liked going to the gym until I joined one in Seoul, the trainers were super nice there and even made spinning class fun.

52. I associate popcorn more with hockey (NHL) than movies but love having it with either.

53. I love cooking for friends and family and throw dinner parties just so I can do it more often.

54. I was a vegetarian for a year (mostly). It didn’t stick, I like meat too much.

55. I was born on my dad’s birthday. No joke.

56. I have a weakness for arms (on a guy). It’s always the first thing I check out.

57. I lived on a Scottish isle for six months.

58. I can shift with both hands (from driving manual cars in Canada and Scotland).

59. I make my own salsa every year.

60. I fell in love with Merci chocolate when I was an exchange student in Germany in high school.

61. I love chocolate milk.

62. I only use purple pens.

63. I’m a night owl.

64. I would love to take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok (or in reverse). In fact, it’s on my travel bucket list.

65. Also on my travel bucket list is to visit all the major hockey playing countries (ice hockey that is).

66. My mom still buys me Fun Dip as a treat.

67. I love books and read a lot.

68. I used to have a huge comic book collection, mostly Marvel.

69. I miss the random things that used to happen to me when I lived in Korea.

70. I had an eyebrow piercing for two months; it was annoying so I removed it.

71. I love yellow sugar plums.

72. I dye my hair but have natural curls.

73. I’m addicted to Twitter.

74. My favourite chip flavour is salt & vinegar.

75. I used to play the saxophone.

76. My all-time favourite hockey player is Patrick Roy.

77. I love wedge heels because I can comfortably walk in them.

78. I always have at least two different lipsticks/lip balms/glosses in my purse.

79. My favourite cereal is Cheerios (regular).

80. I like younger guys and always have.

81. I drink skim milk but prefer 2% in my tea.

82. I love animals (dogs, cats, horses) but birds creep me out.

83. I have a phobia of sharks.

84. I went parasailing in Mexico and the only thing I was worried about was that I might land on a shark.

85. I love corn-on-the-cob with lots of butter.

86. I always fall asleep on bus trips but have a really hard time sleeping on planes.

87. I have lived in five different countries (counting my home country, Canada).

88. I love to travel.

89. I spend 10 days studying meditation in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. It was one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences of my life.

90. I love kitchen gadgets!

91. I was born in North York (a borough of Toronto) but have never lived there.

92. I’m a Virgo.

93. I love dressing up for Halloween.

94. Part of my family’s Christmas tradition is to watch the World Junior Hockey Championships. Go Canada Go!!

95. I really, really hate mornings.

96. I love American Mountain Dew and always bring a case back when I go shopping in the US (if I’m driving). It has caffeine, Canada’s doesn’t.

97. I cry very easily at movies and TV shows/dramas… even commercials.

98. I love (& collect) Blue Mountain Pottery but have to buy it at yard sales and flea markets now because they closed.

99. I loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure books as a child.

100. I’m Canadian – it’s my nationality, how I identify my ethnicity and how I wish I could identify my race (saying “mixed race” just confuses people). I was born here, my parents were, my grandparents were, five of my eight great-grandparents were… I’m Canadian through and through.

101. And finally, I love kissing.

Wow, this was way more difficult and time-consuming than I expected but kinda fun. Hope I didn’t bore you too much! 


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