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Romance and Dating – It’s Time to Find Some

Long ago, I decided that I wouldn’t write about personal stuff… well, that’s not entirely true. I used to write about personal stuff all the time. In fact, Life’s an Adventure 2 used to be a personal blog before I transformed it into a Korean culture blog. I used to write about my life in Korea – including my dating exploits. Although it was always PG-13 rated and I never used names of course, but I did give an honest accounting of my life. Over the last year, I have missed writing about dating and romance which was one of the reasons I created this blog. I need an outlet. Hell, I need to start dating again!

And so, I’ve decided to give myself one – an outlet, not a date but hopefully, that will follow. Once a week, I’m going to write about romance and dating. It’s time that I put myself back out there again. I’d planned on doing so in my New Year’s resolutions but then got a little embarrassed when my intentions where broadcast on national TV. Oh yeah, I was on CBC’s The National saying I was looking for love 🙂 It’s weird how I can write anything but saying it out loud can embarrass me! Perhaps it was the national TV part – or maybe it was the fact that family members kept calling my Mom to tell her they saw me and to wish me good luck. Yeah, that was embarrassing. So was when a guy I used to be good friends with – and had romantic feelings for at one time – messaged me to wish me good luck in the love hunt. Yikes!

But back to the blogging about dating and romance. So the dating part is self-explanatory – I’ll write, in a don’t-use-names way about re-entering the dating scene as an old maid 🙂 Hey, I am over 30 and single! Which means in many cultures, I’m an old maid. Okay, I don’t think of myself that way but hey, I would like to change my status.

But the romance part, perhaps that needs some explanation. I used to say I was a closet romantic but that’s not really true. There’s no “closet” about it… I’m just a romantic. I’ve always believed that when it’s right, you just get swept away with the passion and the romance of the budding relationship. And yeah, I’ve been there! I’m one of those people who jumps right in with both feet into the relationship – or falls hard for the guy… depending on how you want to look at it. I’ve never been able to build a relationship slowly. I’ve tried… I really have… I’m intelligent (well, fairly intelligent anyway) and know that getting to know each other and building a solid foundation first should lead to a stronger (and longer) relationship. My head knows that but my heart never listens. But I have tried it the slow way… it doesn’t work for me and is WAY less fun. 

I’m going to go with what I know. I read Harlequins. Stop rolling your eyes, I do. It’s how I get my daily dose of romance when I’m not in a relationship. My favourites are those about cowboys – come on, they can literally sweep you off your feet (and onto a horse) and you can ride off into the sunset. What’s not to like? My thing for cowboys is probably why I ended up in Colorado for a year back in university. Didn’t get swept off my feet by a cowboy though, I ended up dating a tight end (get your mind out of the gutter, I wasn’t talking about his butt… he was a football player) instead. My other favourite romantic character is the dark & handsome stranger who acts all quiet, mysterious and sexy. I wonder if that is why I ended up in Korea – guys there all have dark hair and the culture/country was different and mysterious until I fell in love with it. Hmm… and some of them sure are sexy! But I’m getting off-track.

Romance for me is key… not necessarily the flowers and candles variety (although there is nothing wrong with either) but those giddy feelings and doing sweet, little things for each other like texting just to say “I’m thinking of you” or making you food. I love when a guy I like makes me food! One of the sweetest things a guy ever did for me was to make me a strawberry shortcake. I damn near fell in love with him on the spot.

I miss those giddy feelings, the butterflies in the stomach, that you get at the beginning of a fun, sexy relationship. So it’s time to go find them. Stay tuned, you might read something fun!


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