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My New Apartment – Mostly Good but a Few Glitches

I’m grumpy! Alright, I’ve been pretty grumpy for more than a week because I have the flu and like most people I hate being sick. I lead a fairly busy life and when I’m sick I have no energy to do anything so I end up having to cancel meetings and events that I really want to attend. That makes me grumpy! It really does 😦 and it takes a lot to make me grumpy (well, it does unless you are my brother… he’s the only person that can piss me off in less than 60 seconds). I just have no patience for being sick and want to be better now. Not having energy and having to attend events feeling like crap sucks. But by the time five o’clock rolls around… hell, who am I kidding, by the time two o’clock rolls around… all I want to do is curl up in my flannel jammies with some Kool-Aid. Bah! Okay, I am finally starting to feel better but I’m still grumpy.

But this post isn’t really about me being grumpy or having the flu. It’s about my new apartment. I moved into a new place at the beginning of the year. Not that having a new place is that earth-shattering but this is the first one since I left for Korea – so the first place since 2005 – that I’ve actually brought almost all of my stuff out of storage. Including all my kitchen stuff and my Blue Mountain pottery.

So I both love and don’t like my new place. What can I say, I’m complicated! I like to think that I’m simple but I’m really not. And since I need to work out the kinks in my feelings so they will settle in and allow me to be comfy in my new place, I’m going to do what I always do… I’m going to write about them.

What do I love about my apartment?

First off, I like my new roommate. I haven’t spent a lot of time with her yet but she seems cool and easy-going – two of my favourite traits. Plus, she likes the Leafs! How can I not like someone who likes the Leafs!! I simply can’t live with someone who doesn’t like sports, although to be honest, I don’t care who you cheer for as long as you don’t tell me to change the channel. Had a roommate that hated sports once – we didn’t last the year, he moved out. So the fact that she likes sports AND the Leafs… we’ll be fine.

I love the island in the kitchen. In fact, this was the selling feature of the apartment (well, that and that my roommate likes the Leafs) when I was looking at places in December. It’s big and beautiful. I can imagine cooking so many dishes on it and it will work perfect for cooking classes. I love it.

The fact that it feels like my place rocks! I spent the last year sharing a house in what was supposed to be a roommate situation but always felt like I was renting a room. It sucked because I never felt at home or comfortable. I feel comfy in my new place – like I can hang out in the living room and read a book or watch the Leafs game. It’s fabulous! Truly, it seems like a small thing but not having to spend all my evenings – or at least feel like I do – in my bedroom rocks.

I also like my new neighbourhood. It’s super quiet which is a change after Parkdale. There was always noise from the apartment buildings behind me before, always. Plus, it’s always cool to have a new place to explore – although I do know it fairly well, it does mean new restaurants to check out and patios to try in the summer… always a bonus. And I walk through Koreatown more now!

However, it’s not all roses… here’s what I don’t like so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Parkdale – and I miss it. I especially miss the location of the first house I lived in there – it was so convenient to head to the lake for a run – and I always liked walking along King Street West when heading downtown. I also miss being so close to Liberty Village.

More importantly, my new place is a basement apartment. However, it’s a nice and bright apartment except for one room… my bedroom. The living room/kitchen/dining room (open concept) has four windows so there’s lots of natural light during the day. Even the laundry room has a window that lets in lots of light. However, my room… not so much… in fact, no natural light. You see, my room – while it does have a window – has a window that looks out into the… garage. Yep, not outside but into the garage. Seriously?!?! Who ever heard of such a thing? Not impressed as I assumed (arg! I should know better than to assume anything) that the window would look outside like a normal window. Not liking this at all.

The other major flaw is that while the neighbourhood is much quieter… the house isn’t. Oh, my apartment is fairly quiet as neither my roommate or I are particularly noisy. But the family that lives in the main part of the house – who also happens to be my landlord – have small kids. Small kids aren’t quiet but sound seems to really travel in this apartment… more than normal. Not really the kids fault but annoying all the same. Especially screaming in the morning on a weekend… I’m so NOT a morning person!

Remember how I gushed earlier about the kitchen island? Well, I do love it but there is one drawback… having it means not being able to have a kitchen table. So I’m going have to figure out what I’m going to do for dinner parties. On the floor around my coffee table perhaps? Because it’s really not comfy to sit at the island, the stools are too tall.

And my final problem is the lack of cupboard space in the kitchen. We’ve mostly solved this by adding a bookcase to the kitchen. All in all, it’s not a bad place. And the fact that I feel comfortable totally outweighs all the bad… except the window. That plain sucks!


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