My Inner Geek Comes Shining Out

I’m a geek! It has taken me a while to come to terms with this fact but I suppose it was always true. It may not be all I am but I am definitely a geek. Right now, my geeky nature is popping up most with my blogging. I check my site stats – on my main blog, Life’s an Adventure 2 – everyday. Not for the numbers so much but rather because I’m fascinated by which search terms (on Google or other search engines) lead people to my blog. Sometimes it’s completely odd terms or in different languages but sometimes it’s something super cool. And of course, because I’m a geek… I always use Google to try out the really odd or really cool search terms… just to see how high my ranking is. Every time I see my blog appear on the first search page for something I know other people will search for in the future, especially if it’s one of the cool search terms, I dance my little happy dance in my head.

Now I work really hard at writing good headlines, adding tags that Google will like and doing other things that will help my SEO but I’m still surprised that it actually works 🙂 And today I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that 15 people had found my blog by searching for “coffee prince”. So of course, I used Google to search for “coffee prince” and guess what, my recent blog post on re-watching my favourite Korean drama, Coffee Prince, was the 7th listing 🙂 After a mini happy dance and a few minutes of silly grinning, I decided to write this post.

I absolutely love blogging and am amazed at how far I have come since I decided to, as I put it, “take it more seriously” last year. I love seeing the numbers of visitors I get (I like to call them my readers) even if I’m a little confused at the number of American visitors (way more than Canadian). I love getting comments or emails from my readers, even if they disagree with me. I really love it when I get a random email from Korea telling me they like my blog and want me to promote some part of Korean culture.

So I have accepted the fact that I’m a geek 🙂 so much that I’m planning on keeping my eye on the ball and focusing on more improvements for my blog. It’s my number one goal – or resolution – for 2012!

Why should you care? Simply put, I’m going to use this site to experiment with some of the changes I want to make on Life’s an Adventure 2.  The first of which will be self-hosting. Now I know since I’m with WordPress, they will make the switch from the .com site to the .org site as painless and seamless as possible – in fact, they will probably do all the work for me. But once I’m there, I will have to build my website/blog into something close to what it already is. I will want all the same widgets and protection. I’m cautious by nature (it’s the Virgo in me) and I’m not familiar with the .org site so I want to play around with it on a blog that doesn’t have as much to lose. Please bear with me over the next couple of months. I promise it will be worth it!

Now that you know what make the inner geek in me come out, what makes your inner geek smile? How are you geeky? 


One thought on “My Inner Geek Comes Shining Out

  1. So you may have noticed that I didn’t use this site to “practice”. Instead, I took the leap with my main site… a year later… with a rebranding and a whole lot more. Still loving my inner geek but wishing she would publish more here 🙂

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