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Review: Rosh Salon

**Original post published on December 21, 2011. Post updated on October 20, 2012**

Orginal Post

I’ve stopped buying those deal things for businesses that are service oriented – salons, spas, etc. – because I’ve had nothing but bad luck from them. I really want to shout at them for their horrible or lackluster service but I’ve decided to simply stop purchasing them. Besides, I think I found a great place. Oh yeah, in case any of the places I’ve used ever read one of my posts – I was using the deals to try to find a regular place that had friendly service and did a great job. I would have come back and paid the full price again and again if I had ever received good service from one of the deal places but I didn’t and now it’s too late. A random drop-in to a salon ended up in me finding exactly what I was looking for – a friendly place that did a great job (and at a great price too).

But this isn’t the tale of the great place, for that story please visit my Korean culture blog – Life’s an Adventure 2. This is the story of yet another flop. It started off well enough, when I arrived at Rosh Salon I was greeted in a friendly manner and offered refreshment while I waited for the stylist. Oh yeah, I was there for a “Wash, Cut, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Blow Dry and Style PLUS A 45-Minute Manicure With Nail Art” – all for $29 (with the supposed value of $115).

Unfortunately, that was the end of my good impression. I was left waiting for almost 25 minutes past my appointment time – what’s the point of making an appointment if they always over schedule. And yeah, they were very over-scheduled – there were three of us (at least) getting similar deals and only one nail technician.

When my stylist finally was free, he took me directly to the washing station. He never looked at my hair or touched it to see the texture or asked what cut I was looking for prior to washing it. And I know he wasn’t paying any attention nor cared particularly as when I finally sat at his station (after the wash and deep conditioning treatment) he actually asked me if I had bangs. This was the point in the visit I decided to never come back and to only ask for a trim (no one can mess up a trim). I was hoping to ask for the stylist opinion of which of two cuts to grow my hair into but there was no way he could have had a decent opinion having not seen my hair 😦 One positive thing – I loved the washing station chairs. They were reclined so it was actually pretty comfortable.

I will say that he did a great job at the blow dry & style after if a way too heavy on the hairspray. However he was quite rough in both washing my hair and styling it – neither was relaxing at all. All in all, I wouldn’t ever go back for any of their hair services based on the treatment and effort I received.

By the time I got to the manicure, I was unhappy and it did little to change my mind. It frankly sucked! No 45 minute manicure for me – it was just a polish change not even any cream on my hands let alone nail art as advertised. The whole manicure lasted maybe 15-20 minutes and was simply the nail technician putting on way too much polish – she dipped the brush multiple times per nail. Oh, my bad, she did get me to soak my nails – in cool water for less than a minute prior to pushing my cuticles back a bit. But there was no cream or massage as you would expect with a 45 minute manicure. And I only received polish – no nail art 😦 To top everything off, because she put so much polish on each nail, three of them had chips by the evening and two more by the next day. I can make drugstore polish last a week – how could a professional not be able to make professional polish last 24 hours?

All in all, a very poor showing by Rosh Salon; I certainly won’t be back.

Rating: 2/5 


In August I was contacted by Domenic (see the comments below) from Rosh Salon and offered a complimentary service of my choice as an apology for the poor service I originally received (and I would assume, as a way to show that they do care about their customers). Since I believe that everyone deserves a second chance – although with the knowledge that I would definitely get friendly service as they had both read the above original review and knew I was a blogger – I agreed to go back.

As a side note: I felt guilty about going back for a cut now that I have a regular stylist. I felt like I was cheating on her. But back to the update…

I arrived at Rosh Salon after work and I was surprised by two things – first, how empty it was and second, how super friendly and helpful Domenic and Cathryn were super friendly. In addition to being friendly (which I love), they took the time to listen to what I had to say and look at my hair well enough to make intelligent recommendations (I’m in the process of growing my hair). The wash, cut and service were all fantastic and I really wouldn’t hesitate recommending either Domenic or Cathryn. It was a great experience, it’s just too bad that my initial one was so lackluster. I liked both Domenic and Cathryn as people and I liked their work. 

Did it ultimately change my opinion of Rosh Salon? No, not really. But if I ever need a new stylist, I’d go to Domenic again (I have one though) and if I didn’t colour my own hair, I’d go to Cathryn – they’re both lovely!


7 thoughts on “Review: Rosh Salon

  1. Thanks for the review. I almost purchased a deal that included hair cut, style, treatment and blowdry for $19 bucks. I’d rather keep my money and seek out a proper stylist! 🙂

    1. Glad I could help. I did find a great stylist finally who understands my fine wavy hair at Pelo Salon & Spa (on Bloor street just west of Bathurst) if you are still looking for one. They do great manicures there too 🙂

  2. We are the new mangers for the salon. We are so sorry that your experience was less then pleasant. We would like to offer you a complimentary service of your choice and allow us to redeem ourselves. Please call and speak to Cathryn, she will help you book an appointment at a time convinient to you . Along with new management we have new senior staff who are more than willing & capable of taking care of your needs.
    Thank you Domenic and Cathryn

    1. Hi Domenic, thanks for your comment. I would be delighted to give Rosh Salon another chance now that it’s under new management, thank you for the opportunity. I will call Cathryn today and book an appointment.
      Cheers, Cindy

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