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I want a sugar daddy! No, not really but I do want an apartment!


Okay, now that I have your attention… I don’t. Not really. Maybe a little but only because I’m becoming so frustrated with finding a decent apartment that’s also reasonably priced. I really want a nice one-bedroom with windows in a house that doesn’t scare me. Is that asking too much?


When I started looking almost a month ago, I was looking for a roommate not an apartment but everyone I met seemed so young or odd. Or seemed to want to date me. I have nothing against dating, in fact I would love to go on one 🙂 but I don’t want to date my roommate… talk about awkward!


So I started looking for one-bedrooms. I know I’m being a little stubborn about not wanting a bachelor but I want to have friends over for dinner and hold cooking classes. I could still have close friends over (I held dinner parties in my bachelor apartment in Korea) but no cooking classes. Plus I just want the extra room of a one-bedroom.


Unfortunately, this is Toronto. Expensive, expensive Toronto! Every one-bedroom I’ve looked at that was under a $1,000 had something seriously wrong (at least in my eyes). There was the basement apartment that had no windows (well, there was one tiny one that looked out under a porch), a serious mold problem in the bathroom, and the world’s oldest and tiniest stove (I don’t know if any of my baking sheets or pans would actually fit). Plus it was a gas stove… hmm… very old gas stove in a windowless apartment…


Or there was the place that looked great on paper (or rather on craigslist). It was a second floor one-bedroom with big windows and a balcony. I was practically drooling! Unfortunately the building was quite rundown and kinda gave me the creeps. The apartment did have nice big windows and even though it was on the small side and had a seriously bad paint job, I would have taken it except for the bad feeling that kept growing until it finally solidified when the landlord started to verbally browbeat one of the tenants. And since I always listen to my gut, I was outta there.


Hopefully one of the two I’m looking at tonight will pan out. But I’ve steeled myself to having to accept either a basement or a bachelor. It’s either that or finding roommates again. Which would be fine if I knew someone cool who wanted to live with me! Unfortunately, all my friends either own their own place or don’t want a roommate. But I do make a good one – I would even bake for you or cook you yummy food!  

Either way, I’ll keep you informed!


2 thoughts on “I want a sugar daddy! No, not really but I do want an apartment!

    1. I really want to stay closer to downtown but may have to start looking at midtown. Thanks for the tip 🙂 you place on Bathurst was nice.

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