Random Observations

A tortoise and the hare tale for modern day

There are times when I need not to work as fast as possible and stop, breathe and think things through.  Okay, this is often the case.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I think ahead but I often work faster than expected and this occasionally causes problems – whether I am at school working in a group, at a job or just in life.  I want things to happen now so I work quickly (and well, my speed doesn’t sacrifice quality) to make that happen.

I had a conversation the other night about instant gratification – now in that conversation, we were talking about the news and modern reporting – but the principle is the same.  I’m all about instant gratification (my conversation partner wasn’t, at least in the context of the news).  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the necessity for thought and deliberation but would rather take an instant decision 99/100 over one that takes months, committees and 5 miles of paperwork.  Perhaps it is from working for the government in my early to mid 20s but I have an allergy to red tape – for real (okay, not really but close)!  I want to know what is happening now, I want decisions made now, I want it to be 6 pm now.  But seriously, perhaps I’m not as “all about me” as this sounds and I’m just a product of my generation but I do like decisions, news, and information NOW not tomorrow.  I also need to have deadlines and a ton of work to do so I don’t run out of things.

This fascination I have with knowing things does get in the way of living at times – I’m just a little addicted with Twitter and at one time have been a member of Facebook (still), MySpace (no longer), Bebo (still, I think but no longer use), and a few other social networking sites.  I like to know what’s happening, with the world, with my friends.  I use MSN (although not as much as I use to since my old email was hacked), used to use ICQ, love Skype (and wish more of my friends were on it) and text all the time.  When I lived in Korea I was on a couple of other sites including Hanlingo and my Facebook usage was crazy then – it helped organize my life.  I get most of my news online – through Twitter, blogs, being emailed the headlines or visiting a few trusted news sites.  I almost never watch the news on TV and don’t read actual newspapers anymore because it seems a waste of paper when I can get the same thing on my computer.  I do still read magazines though – my one concession to a well-thought-out news story.  Plus I need something to do while drinking a pot of tea and lying in bed on a Sunday morning :)

But my obsession with the here and now goes beyond social media and the news and into my personal life.  When I’m going to meet my friends for dinner or drinks, I want to make the decision about where and when we are going to eat/drink/have fun ASAP.  Unfortunately I have friends how don’t think this way… and planning a get together takes ages.  I have other friends who need tons of notice because of their busy schedules so planning can often take months.  And of course, I have some friends who think like I do and can quickly make a decision… they may not always be available but at least I know what’s happening.

This habit/obsession carries over into my work/school life.  I learn new tasks quickly and enjoy it – that is perhaps why I returned to school so many times.  I get bored with one career and so I either move abroad (which of course has its own learning curve) or I head back to school.  Friends and family have gotten so use to it that it no longer brings any response. :)   So I have a degree, a diploma and a graduate certificate in three completely different subjects.  It does make for some interesting conversations. :) I like being busy in all aspects of my life and am generally much happier when I have something to do – whether it’s work or play.

So, basically, I’m a hare but often feel like I’m living in a tortoise’s world.  Perhaps that’s why I miss Korea – that was the hare’s world!


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