Book Review

Book Review – Blow Me by Lennie Ross

TitleBlow Me

Author: Lennie Ross
Genre/Age: Chick lit, adult
Publication date: 2011
How did I get the book: I won a free copy by commenting on the author’s blog (in a contest).

Summary:Caution: Spoiler Alert!

Blow Me follows the lives of three single female “friends” – Skye (Skylar), Dawn and Chloe – each close to forty, single and living a life they’re not happy with in the shallow world of Los Angeles . They bought into the myth that they could have it all – the amazing career, the baby, the house, the husband – and the belief that someone would hand it to them on a silver plate. Skylar, an executive assistant with an aptitude for hair, who life just collapses. She loses her job, her apartment burns down, and she ends up living out of her car. Dawn, an MBA-educated dating matchmaker who has to dress all in white at work. She finally meets a great guy just as she decides freeze her embryos. Chloe, a struggling actress/real estate agent with a French Canadian accent who has never sold a house and doesn’t have her SAG card, desperately wants to get a Green Card. Their lives are messed up, they are stuck living life as if they are still in their 20s, and they each believe that some “prince” will sweep in and make everything okay.

My Thoughts:

I heard about this book on Twitter and the name intrigued me. In fact, I immediately went to the author’s website to learn more. While there I entered a contest to win a copy of the book (I love contests!) and won. Which was fantastic as I was intrigued enough to buy it 🙂

What did I think of it? First off, I’m not generally a chick lit fan as I often find them boring. But Blow Me captivated me from the first page. I was alternately annoyed, amused, fascinated and frustrated with the characters, but I was never bored. I love books that are character-driven. Books where I end up becoming friends with them, falling in love with them, or hating them. Books whose authors make the characters come alive. Lennie Ross does this with Blow Me. I may not have always liked the characters but they came alive in the book. Skye was way too flaky for me to ever be friends with but likable nonetheless. Dawn was my favourite of the three, even if I occasionally wanted to shake her. And Chloe, the least fleshed out of the three, was basically unlikable and way too desperate to like.

The story was a little too make-believe for me but hey, I’ve never lived in Los Angeles before. While some of the scenarios seemed a little far-fetched for me, the story had great flow and was an easy & entertaining read. If you’re looking for something light and fun, get a copy of Blow Me.

Warning: Definitely adult material, not suitable for kids or those who don’t like steamy scenes.

My Rating: 3.5/5 It’s a good summer (or vacation) read – engaging, mindless fun; a nice escape on the beach.


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