The inefficiencies of Canada Post and other calamities

I’m a glass-half-full kinda girl but the last two weeks of September strained my cheerfulness to the limit. I actually cursed for a good minute when not watching the Leafs play, twice! For those of you who don’t know me, I generally only curse while watching hockey.

So what’s happened to upset the apple cart?

A series of events – each by themselves wouldn’t have been such a big deal, just an annoyance, but together… together they combined to make even my extremely long fuze burn up. First, I forgot my cell phone charger at my parents in the excitement of my Dad’s 65th birthday. No worries, I could email or Facebook them and get them to mail it to me, or so I thought. But then my computer crashed and so did my ability to communicate.

Luckily, I was able to get a hold of them first so they mailed my charger (and the disk my computer said it needed) to me on the 19th of September. No worries, I  think, it will only be a few days and I can always check my personal email on my lunch break. The 22nd (the delivery date) arrives but no package. Oh no, I think, another weekend with no computer. What about my blog (I run a Korean culture blog that’s growing in readership and where I normally post 3-5 times a week)?

Over the weekend, my parents sent me the tracking number which brought another layer of stress. Look my package is out for delivery (the 26th). Oh no, it’s back at the processing facility (the 26th). New status says they need to confirm address – yet, neither my parents (the senders) nor myself (the receiver) received a phone call. Then the package just sat in Mississauga, according to its status it never even moved on the 27th.  I call Canada Post and while the lady on the phone is very friendly (after I waited on hold for 15 minutes listening to them tell me I should track my package online – tried that… so not helpful) but useless. My package finally arrives on the 28th – 8 full business days after it was shipped.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. Turns out my computer was worse off that it appeared and the reboot disk did jack. So off to the computer shop I went to get it repaired. Which was something I should have done two weeks ago if I wasn’t so bloody stubborn and independent. Turns out my computer completely crashed and nothing was retrievable. So lesson learned – back everything up!! And asking for help isn’t a bad thing! Oh, and don’t send anything that’s time sensitive through Canada Post.


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